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About Six Month Braces

Crooked, crowded, or oddly placed teeth can be a detriment to your sophisticated image, but what adult wants to wear braces for two years? With the Six Month Braces® technique, we can correct problems, straighten your front teeth, and give you a great smile in just months. Like the name states, most patients complete treatment in six months, some require even less time. Learn more about Six Month Braces dental clinic in this article with treatment and other tips.

Options for Treatment

You may still hesitate to wear braces, even if only for six months. Image-conscious teens and adults can opt for near-invisible clear brackets and thin wires, or lingual braces, worn behind your teeth so no one knows you are undergoing treatment.

What to Expect With Six-Month Braces

Six Months Braces® offer convenience, especially if you’re preparing for a big event when an image will be important, like a wedding, family reunion, or job search. You might think it takes great force to move teeth quickly but, actually, it is just the opposite. This proven method involves continuous low force along a specially designed archwire to comfortably produce results in the teeth that show when you smile. In addition, Six Month Braces® require fewer office visits, about one every 30 days, so you save time and money. Of course, we can work with your insurance company or establish a payment plan that will fit your budget without impeding on your lifestyle.

Six Month Braces

Do Six Month Braces really straighten your teeth in six months?

Yes, they can. Six Month Braces use a specially-designed archwire that applies a constant, light pressure on your front-facing teeth to straighten them quickly and effectively.

Do Six Month Braces hurt?

No, Six Month Braces aren’t painful. Some people may experience mild tooth soreness as their teeth adjust, but Six Month Braces use less force and are often more comfortable than traditional braces.

How do Six Month Braces appear?

Because Six Month Braces use clear brackets and archwire that is tooth-colored, they are virtually invisible and don’t dramatically impact your smile.

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