Dental Implant Surgery FAQs


Dental implants are today’s best alternative to natural teeth. They allow you to function more normally than conventional dentures and bridges. They can be the foundation for greatly improved smiles and overall facial appearance.

Absolutely. The developmental phase of dental implantology ended more than two decades ago. Technology is always being improved, but research studies have clearly established the effectiveness of dental implants. All dental implants are manufactured from safe, biocompatible materials. All implant devices, dental as well as medical, are regulated by agencies of the federal government.

Dental implants can provide a level of self-confidence that dentures, bridges and conventional kinds of tooth replacement cannot. Eating, smiling and speaking are as normal as with natural teeth. The embarrassment, irritation and self-consciousness often experienced by people who wear dentures or who have suffered through older methods of tooth replacement are overcome with the confidence of permanently anchored dental implants. Today, for hundreds of thousands of people around the world, dental implants are a newfound source of security and confidence in family, social and business activities.

Dental implants have been found to be beneficial for children, adults and the elderly. The procedure is often the foundation for substantially improved function and aesthetics in a variety of medical/dental situations. Whether for a single missing tooth or for replacement of all of a patient’s teeth, dental implants are now recognized as standard treatment for a full range of problems:

Because of the growing public awareness that implants can improve overall health and well being, at any age, the use of dental implants has tripled since 1986. The availability of extensive data on the high rate of long-term success of these procedures has also added to increase use of implants for more and more people of every age.


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